New Website!

Welcome to Asiana Chatswood Grocery's new website here to guide you through our online services. We specialise in Eastern Asian (Mainly Korean and Japanese) groceries, so feel free to roam around our products range. As the website is still in the works and under significant construction, expect to see updates and completion as time goes.  

What Can I do as of now?

  • All our contact details and location will be listed so any inquires can be made via the information provided. 
  • You can view updates from our official Facebook and Instagram and essential news on this website.
  • There will be a monthly blog post on different cuisines and culture, so please stick around for those! You can find these blogs on the 'Blog' page.
  • As of now, the product range page is under works; however, as time goes, a vast and intuitive 'Products' page will be available for our customers.
  • Also in the works is our 'Online Store' feature (Currently Unavailable). As of now, significant construction in action.